Employee of the Month - Meet Garet!

Congratulation to Garet H. Wilson for earning Employee of the Month! You may not recognize Garet by his name or face but he is actually kind of important around here. If your computer breaks just grab Garet. Can’t remember the Wifi password? Just grab Garet! You’d recognize him if you saw him. Here is Garet in his own words.

- Cathy Bertirs, HR

Davra asshekh rhojosor ki Corporate Ladder!

That's Dothraki for ‘Good Day, family of Corporate Ladder’ and I'm Garet. You might know me as captain of the SS HP OfficeJet Pro and all things tech. When I'm not fixing user errors, I am offering support for my paintball clan, Tanagra, with my accurate paintball grenade throws.

I am from Providence, RI, and received my Bachelor of Computer Information Systems from Quinnipiac University (and an English minor!).

Before CL, I worked the IT help desk at Menards as a Level 1 support specialist, where after a scant 17 months, I was promoted to a Level 2 support specialist.

If you ever leave the office to grab lunch, shoot me an email. I’d love to know where everyone runs off to.

-Garet H. Wilson, I.T.