Employee of the Month - Meet Clair!

Our newest Employee of the Month is Clair from Legal! Congrats on your big win against the employees’ payroll dispute Clair! I know this may be a controversial award to some of you who emailed me, but I want you to know that I can both fully support you as a productive part of this company while still not caring to know what the difference is between a lawyer and a trampoline.
- Cathy Bertris, HR

Greetings. I am Clair. While I am honored to receive this award, I am aware that the giver of the award, Corporate Ladder International, can rescind the award at their discretion, ala the whoopsie-doopsie corollary. I also acknowledge that at the end of 30 days, I am to keep my certificate, but give up my trophy, vis-à-vis the ring around the moonsy rule. I also understand that poor behavior will warrant the confiscation of my trophy and certificate, due to the precedent set in the “Did I do that?” Urkel/Winslow case.
-Clair Hutz, Legal



Business Card Legal.png