It's a fight to the top!

Which path will you take? With each turn, use honesty and teamwork to get ahead or reveal yourself to be the cold, calculating, opportunistic backstabber we all thought you were. Work a corporate job in this satirical world where the only way out is up. Only one employee can become CEO!

Welcome to Corporate Ladder.





hilarious animals.png

Hilarious animals!

“Working for a corporation is like sharing a bunk bed with an elephant, it’s only okay if you’re on top.”
— Disgraced CEO Harry Sment

The CEO of Corporate Ladder International is leaving the company.

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You want his old job. Submit your past PERFORMANCE REVIEWS to move up the ladder. Pull fellow Employees aside and use your NEGOTIATING skills to convince them to submit Reviews that are in your best interests. You can lie, but so can they!


Sneakily call in favors from your stack of BUSINESS CARDS to gain an unfair advantage.

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Honest, successful Employees receive PROMOTIONS and the luxuries that come with making more money.

Bad Employees receive WARNINGS and the hardships that come when you're struggling to make ends meet. Don't get fired!